Not “Chicken” Fil-A

By Drawception

No, I am not LGBT or Q. No, I don’t have a child who recognizes as LGBT or Q. Yes, I think everyone is entitled to embrace the tenets of their faith. But I also believe all humans are deserving of respect, irrespective of who they love or how they identify. And homelessness and hunger, they are certainly deserving of financial support. And Mayor Pete – if he’s damned to hell for being gay, then I’ll be in damn good company. That said, I don’t believe there is a red man with horns and a pitchfork overseeing Hitler, Mengele, Anne Frank and Mayor Pete. The God I believe in isn’t an antisemite or homophobe. God bless those who are effectuating change in Chick-Fil-A with wisdom and community support for their courage to speak up and act accordingly. Good on them for not being “chicken.”

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